Prayer for February 2014

Prayer for February from Greenside

O God, our loving Heavenly Father, there is no end of your loving kindness to us and we praise and bless you.

We thank you for the lengthening days and for the signs of new life in our parks and gardens.  We ask you for your blessing on the Winter Olympics and we pray that all those taking part will do so in the Olympic spirit.  May the winners be humble in victory and the loosers dignified in defeat.

Father, we pray especially for all people in the south of England who are suffering great hardship due to the recent storms.  Sustain and comfort them, Dear Lord.  We pray, too, for the emergency services who are working so hard to bring some order to the chaos and we pray that the water will very soon recede.

All these, and the unspoken prayers of our hearts, we ask in the dear name of our Lord Jesus Christ.