Prayer for July 2014

Greenside Prayer for July 2014

Loving Heavenly Father, we lift our hearts and minds to you in our prayers.  We pray for a troubled world - troubled by wars, disputes and religious bigotry.  We pray for all who speak out for right and justice, and all who strive for peace.  We pray, Father, that you will make us channels of Your peace and love.We pray for an end of conflict and look to the day when nation shall speak peace to nation and study war no more.

We give thanks for the Emergency Services who carry out their duties so willingly, sometimes under difficult circumstances.

Father we pray for Your forgiveness for ourselves.  We know we have often strayed, but You, oh Lord, welcome us back into the Fold of Your Love.  Grant, oh Lord, that we follow the light of that love, back to You.  

All these, and the many unspoken prayers of our hearts, we ask in the dear and precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Saviour.