Order of Worship Sunday 12 August 2018 Greenside



ORDER OF WORSHIP  12 August 2018



Welcome and Call to Worship


Hymn 160        Praise, My Soul, The King of Heaven


Prayer of Invocation and Lord's Prayer


Scripture          I Kings 19:4-8           (p.361)

                        Ephesians 4:25-5:2   (p.1176)

                        John 6:35, 41-51      (p.1070)


Presentation of Tithes and Offerings


Prayer of Dedication


Hymn 263        God of Freedom, God of Justice


Sermon            Sitting Under the Broom Tree


Hymn 123        God Is Love


Intercessory Prayers


Hymn 512        To God Be The Glory


Benediction and Choral Amen 


MINISTER : The Rev Alistair T Wynne BA BD

Rev Dr John McCulloch, our missionary partner in Jerusalem will be taking part in our Service of Worship today.