Order of Worship Sunday 23 September 2018 Greenside


ORDER OF WORSHIP  23 September 2018

Welcome and Call to Worship

Hymn:  1 How blest are those who do not stray

Prayer of Invocation and Lord's Prayer


Family Talk 


Hymn:  535 Who would true valour see 


Scripture Reading:  Psalm 1 Page 543   

                               Mark 9: 30-37 Page 1013 


Hymn:  419 Thine be the glory


Presentation of Tithes and Offerings  


Intercessory Prayers 


Hymn:  737 Will your anchor hold 


Sermon:  Canoeing the mountains 


Hymn:  167 Guide me O thou great Jehovah  


Benediction and Choral Amen 


Service led by members of the Kirk Session